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Pilates student doing an exercise.

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A Place Where You Being a New Journey of a Whole New Body

Why Esteem Pilates?

Discover your new body with the benefits of Pilates.

Esteem Pilates offers Reformer, Cardio and Aerial Pilates classes to help tone, increase core strength, burn fat, fix posture and improve athleticism. 


Power Pilates combines strength exercises and cardio using various props such as mats, dumbbells, Thera Bend, Magic Circle, and more.


Pilates will provide the necessary tools to structure demanding.

Pilates is a safe, low impact exercise that will strengthen your core and improve balance in your body. Pilates creates long, lean muscles to reshape your body. It is beneficial for your posture, spinal alignment, and stress reduction.


This is a new way of working your body and moving it through space.

Combining  athleticism and creative expression, aerial dance provides a full body work out.  While using low-hanging trapeze, aerial silks and aerial slings, students experience the grace and beauty of this art form, while having fun and building strength! 

Esteem Pilates Studio

▫️Pilates, Cardio & Aerial Fitness

▫️Certified Pilates Instructors

▫️BASI System Equipment

▫️Group Classes & Private Training


Benefits of Pilates

The Reformer challenges your workout with resistance training

that builds fully body strength, core, flexibility, and body alignment.

Middle-aged woman doing Pilates exercise arching her back.
Middle aged female doing a Pilates stretch that involves bridging her back.

Esteem Pilates

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We Love to Meet People & Talk about Pilates

Thank you for visiting! We are happy to answer any questions or curiosities that may arise via email. 

Asian American females doing arm stretches with Pilates exercises.
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