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Esteem Pilates Programs

Esteem Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a safe, low impact exercise that will strengthen your core and improve balance in your body. Pilates creates long, lean muscles to reshape your body. It is beneficial for your posture, spinal alignment, and stress reduction. You can also improve your diet results using the Pilates breathing technique in combination with cardio exercises.

Esteem Pilates instructor, Aileen, helping one of her students stretch.
3 Esteem Pilates students stretching while doing Pilates exercises.

Why Esteem Pilates?

Movement heals the body

Joseph Pilates

Brand new building, beautiful, spacious and modern boutique style studio in La Palma.

Educated and Certified Pilates Instructors

Pilates specializing in rehabilitation.

Fully equipped Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Jumping Board, Cadillac (Trapeze table), Wunda Chair with F2 System, Arm Chair Barrell with F2 system, Ladder Barrell, Spine Corrector with F2 system and Etc)

A commitment to providing the highest quality of learning to all.

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Who Needs Pilates?

  • Rehabilitation (허리디스크, 오십견, 어깨 무릎 통증등)

  • Forwarded neck, 굽은등, Scoliosis, Sciatica

  • Herniated disc

  • Pilates for pregnancy (Pre-natal, Post-natal)

  • 다이어트, 미용, 웨딩

  • 성장기 청소년 (자세교정)

  • Mature Client Pilates

  • Desiring good posture and proper alignment

Benefits of Pilates

  • Pilates is Whole-Body Fitness

  • Creates Strength Without Bulk

  • Enhances Flexibility

  • Develops Core Strength

  • Improves Posture

  • Promotes Weight Loss, Lean Appearance

Pilates benefits diagram.
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Esteem Aerial Yoga

What is Aerial Yoga?

​Yoga with wings that flows energy and restores balance. Fly in the safety and comfort of an aerohammock carrying your weight to freedom. Reverse the pull of gravity to stretch and breathe in a new first class of Happy Body and Healthy Mind.

  • Antigravity Fitness

  • Aerial Pilates combines hammocks with exercises and helps develop core strength, stretch the spine as well as detoxify one’s body. The classes aid in weight loss and help improve one’s posture and flexibility.


Esteem Pilates instructor, Aileen, demonstrating exercises.
Esteem Pilates student doing a leg stretch.
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Sculpt & Stretch Body

Power Pilates combines strength exercises and cardio using various props such as mats, dumbbells, Thera Bend, Magic Circle, and more.

  • Strengthens Muscles

  • Enhances Your Flexibility

  • Relieves Stress

  • Improves Digestion

  • Makes You Happy

Pilates student stretching her legs.
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Contact Us

We Love to Meet People & Talk about Pilates

Thank you for visiting! We are happy to answer any questions or curiosities that may arise via email. 

Esteem Pilates instructor, AIleen, helping a student do a shoulder stretch.
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