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Welcome to Esteem

Females pulling on a Pilates instrument to do an exercise.

Discover your new body with the benefits of Pilates.

Esteem Pilates offers Reformer, Cardio and Aerial Pilates classes to help tone, increase core strength, burn fat, fix posture and improve athleticism. With the use of a hammock, learn to fly in the Aerial Pilates class designed to build core strength, elongate the spine and detoxify the body.

Come workout in a beautiful spacious studio fully equipped with BASI Systems apparatus.

Book your first session now and receive a special New Client price.

Wide view of a Pilates studio environment.

Our Studio

Txt   | 714-822-0396

La Palma Studio


Wunda Chair with F2 System


Arm Chair with Barrel Set with F2 System

Spine Corrector with F2 System


Christine says...

At first, even the thought of doing pilates in the air was extremely overwhelming for me. It has only been a month now but I feel like Esteem Instructor has taught me for more than a year. She walks through each movement no matter where are you stuck in the air :) Flying pilates for night class is such a nice way to say "good night" to your body. 

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